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Interested in opening a dispensary in Illinois but don't know where to start? Free phone consultation to evaluate your business goals. See how we've helped people across the US open a medical marijuana dispensary.
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We are hosting a series of informational webinars for everyone interested in the Illinois dispensary application process. More...
We help organizations develop winning proposals
We help oranizations develop winning applications, we don't actually issue medical marijuana permits or licenses in the states we operate in. In Illinois we expect strict medical marijuana laws regulating the medical marijuana dispensaries. We also expect competition to be fierce for cultivation and dispensing permits. We know from other states that by making the best proposal, that is proposals that are graded superior, the chances for obtaining a medical marijuana dispensary pemit are far better than the lower graded applications.

Get an advantage over the competiton with our medical marijuana dispensary packages and show the Illinios Department of Public Health why your organization is best-suited to obtain a dispensary license.

Template Package

  • Dispensary Articles of Incorporation Sample
  • Dispensary Corporate Bylaws Sample
  • Dispensary Action of Incorporator Template
  • Dispensary Promissory Note Template
  • Dispensary Business Plan
  • Dispensary Financial Plan
  • Dispensary Employee Handbook Sample
  • Dispensary Patient Membership Agreement Sample

Governor Quinn has signed the bill into law. Learn more about the Illinois medical marijuana and compassionate use law here
Dispensary Template Package
Dispensary Business Plan
A must have for any medical marijuana dispensary owner, about 60 pages in length.
Dispensary Financial Plan
A comprehensive 3-year projection of what you can possibly expect when selling medical marijuana.
Corporate Bylaws Sample
Provides a comprehensive outline for offices, shareholders, board of directors and officers
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